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End-to-End System Design with DragOnce: Real Business Cases


4 (8 hrs)

About the Course

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify problems and consolidate requirements in real business cases.

  2. Draft proof-of-concept solutions using DragOnce for system design.

  3. Conduct UAT testing and refine solutions based on feedback.

  4. Manage QA processes and transition from UAT to production environments.

  5. Execute production releases while ensuring system stability and performance.

  6. Critique and review system designs from both UX and performance perspectives.

Learning Activities
  • Lectures and discussions on key concepts and techniques in system design

  • Hands-on exercises with DragOnce for practical application of system design principles

  • In-depth case studies of real business scenarios across various industries

  • Group projects and collaboration for problem identification, solution drafting, and testing

  • Critique review sessions to evaluate and improve system designs from UX and performance perspectives

  1. Problem Identification and Requirements Consolidation

    - Analyzing real business cases for problem identification

    - Gathering and consolidating requirements for system design

  2. Solution Drafting with DragOnce

    - Introduction to DragOnce for system design

    - Creating proof-of-concept solutions using DragOnce

  3. UAT Testing and Solution Refinement

    - Conducting user acceptance testing (UAT) to gather feedback

    - Refining and iterating on solutions based on testing results

  4. QA and Transition to Production

    - Managing quality assurance (QA) processes

    - Preparing and transitioning solutions from UAT to production environments

  5. Production Release and System Management

    - Executing production releases while ensuring system stability and performance

    - Monitoring and maintaining production systems for continuous improvement

  6. Critique Review Sessions

    - Evaluating system designs from UX and performance perspectives

    - Applying feedback and suggestions to enhance system designs and outcomes

Your Instructor

Alex Kwok

Alex Kwok

- Coordinator of CodeFree Academy
- Current Business Strategy Manager in CodeFree Soft Ltd
- Possesses 8 years of experience in I.T. Businesses and Solution Design
- MPhil. in Technology Leadership & Entrepreneurship in HKUST (Class of 2022)
- BBA in Global Business & Information System in HKUST (Class of 2019)
- Entrepreneurship experiences for more than 8 years
- Former experiences in:
>> Founder & Director in Coxana Innovation Ltd.
>> Co-Founder (Marketing & Innovation) in AutoBright Company Limited
>> Product Manager in

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