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Stakeholders' Management & Communication


1 (2 hrs)

About the Course

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and understand the roles and interests of various stakeholders in projects.

  2. Develop and implement tailored communication plans for effective stakeholder engagement.

  3. Apply conflict resolution techniques to address stakeholder concerns and challenges.

  4. Build and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders for successful project outcomes.

  5. Adapt communication strategies to changing project environments and stakeholder needs.

Learning Activities
  • Lectures and discussions on stakeholder management and communication concepts

  • Interactive exercises and role-plays to practice stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution

  • Group activities to analyze and understand stakeholder dynamics in project scenarios

  • Case studies to explore real-world examples of stakeholder management and communication challenges

  • Collaborative projects to apply learned concepts and techniques in a team setting

  1. Stakeholder Identification and Analysis

    - Understanding the importance of stakeholder management in projects

    - Identifying key stakeholders and analyzing their roles, interests, and influence

  2. Communication Planning and Strategies

    - Developing tailored communication plans for effective stakeholder engagement

    - Employing various communication channels and techniques to convey information

  3. Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving

    - Identifying potential conflicts and addressing stakeholder concerns

    - Applying conflict resolution techniques to resolve issues and maintain project progress

  4. Relationship Building and Maintenance

    - Establishing and nurturing relationships with stakeholders for mutual benefit

    - Monitoring and adjusting stakeholder engagement throughout the project lifecycle

  5. Adapting to Changing Environments and Stakeholder Needs

    - Recognizing and responding to changes in project environments and stakeholder expectations

    - Continuously refining communication strategies to maintain strong stakeholder relationships

Your Instructor

Alex Kwok

Alex Kwok

- Coordinator of CodeFree Academy
- Current Business Strategy Manager in CodeFree Soft Ltd
- Possesses 8 years of experience in I.T. Businesses and Solution Design
- MPhil. in Technology Leadership & Entrepreneurship in HKUST (Class of 2022)
- BBA in Global Business & Information System in HKUST (Class of 2019)
- Entrepreneurship experiences for more than 8 years
- Former experiences in:
>> Founder & Director in Coxana Innovation Ltd.
>> Co-Founder (Marketing & Innovation) in AutoBright Company Limited
>> Product Manager in

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