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No-Code App Development Bootcamp

Unleash Your Creativity & Boost Your Career
Exploring Design Thinking, UX UI
Digitising Business Workflow 

Summer Bootcamp & Hackathon 2023 | Free!

Gain Practical Skills for Your Career

At this bootcamp, our aim is to equip you to become a no-code specialist for future career success. To achieve this mission, we provide hands-on learning experiences for you to learn design thinking and no-code digital solution development using our DragOnce no-code building platform.


Design Thinking 

We explore from Bauhaus to Design Thinking and Beyond, how to design something truly benefits the target users

UX UI Design

We learn the essence of making a user-friendly flow and interfaces for target users in context of web app for businesses.

Workflow Digitisation

No-code App Development

We carefully study the focus workflow and define a new one with a digitalised solution from end-to-end user requirements consolidation. 

We then transform our design and requirements into a functional system that can directly let users test and use it. 

Mission for You

After completing this Bootcamp, you should be able to build an Enterprise Business Application without coding to address industrial needs in the following scopes. Outstanding teams can join the Hackathon and showcase their project in the HKCCF 香港電腦通訊節 2023

HKCCF 2023.jpeg

Hackathon Themes

Safety Monitoring

Predictive Measures

Workers Safety

Property Management 

Green Innovation

Energy Management

Environmental Sensing


Any other applications that you can think of.

Hackathon Awards

Most Innovative Award
Most Transformative Award

What's in it for you?
Check out our summer bootcamp schedule:

2-hour Experiential Workshop

20-hour Bootcamp Training

Hackathon Pitching at HKCCF

Get to know what is no-code solution and how has it been widely adopted in across different industries in powering various business operations. Get a taste of the no-code life and see what you can create with your own hands!

Our immersive training includes: 2 Sessions | Design Thinking Practice: Bring your ideas to life with user-centered design principles. 2 Sessions | User Requirements and System Design: Understand your users and craft an app that meets their needs. 6 Sessions | System Development with DragOnce: Master the ins and outs of DragOnce and build a feature-rich app in no time. 2 Sessions | System Integration Trial: Ensure your app plays nice with other systems and platforms. 3 Sessions | Product Mock-UAT & Refinement, Pitching Preparation: Polish your app, perfect your pitch, and get ready to show off your creation!

After the 20-hour Bootcamp, outstanding teams will be invited to join the Hackathon in HKCCF. Take the stage at the popular summer exhibition and present your project to the world. This is your moment to shine!

Bootcamp Schedule

No upcoming events at the moment

HKCCF Presentation

Safety Monitoring

Green Innovation


Free Formation

between 1 to 4



Most Transformative


Most Voted Team

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Offline Workshops

Online Tutorials

1-on-1 Coaching

The entire Bootcamp will be delivered in hybrid mode and provide multiple time slots for suiting your availability in summer time. 

How can we empower your team?

Building an Enterprise Business Application without Coding?
We can easily make it with DragOnce

Step 1 - Build Pages

By dragging and dropping widgets, we can simply build our App UI easily. A few clicks can already convert to mobile view for Mobile Apps. 


Step 2 - Setup Workflow

Setting up data logic, approval processes or automations can be done by defining edges and states by blocks. 

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 3.21.37 PM.png

Step 3 - Testing

Making sure your designed app is functional and user-friendly to your target users. It allows easy testing with UAT and Production environments. 


Join us now to start building up yourself!

2023 Final Round

Key Highlight

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