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Trouble Tickets System

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What is it about?

Step up your game with our specialized online course tailored to help you build an advanced Trouble Ticket System using our platform's unique features. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll master: 1. Adjust Widget Visibility: Learn how to make widgets adapt to different workflow states and user roles, toggling their status between read-only, invisible, and editable. 2. Widget Level Permissions: Delve into granting varied access levels to different users, customizing permissions right at the widget level for enhanced system security and functionality. 3. Customized Unique Record Number: By course completion, you'll be proficient in linking each form submission with a unique, customizable record number for easy tracking and identification. 4. Use the Aggregation Function: Develop the ability to collate and insert data from various forms into one, using our robust Aggregation function for efficient data management. Join us now and gain the confidence to design, build, and deploy a Trouble Ticket System that stands out. Transform your technical potential into professional prowess today!

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