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Design Thinking and No-Code: Open Data Hackathon 2023 Training Session

Design Thinking and No-Code: Open Data Hackathon 2023 Training Session

9 December, 2023

We are excited to have hosted a Training Session on December 9, 2023 for over 140 semi-finalists and teachers participating in the Open Data Hackathon 2023, co-organized by HKtag and Cyberport. Our Product Strategy Manager Alex Kwok was invited as the guest trainer for the session.

Aligning with this year’s “Smart Living” theme, our no-code solution platform DragOnce empowered participants to build solutions leveraging open data sources. During the training, Alex led sessions on design thinking, pitching, and prototyping with DragOnce. Participants eagerly engaged in hands-on activities to build applications using DragOnce. The training fostered creativity and collaboration to tap into no-code solutions.

As a Hackathon Solution Partner, we believe empowering students with no-code technology can encourage innovative, usable solutions without extensive coding expertise. By providing our no-code platform, we aimed to empower participants to harness open data for digitalization and innovation. We firmly believe leveraging no-code technology can drive meaningful change and positive societal impact.

We wish the participants the best in unleashing their creativity and passion to drive our society towards a smart city.

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