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Dragonce Customer Story: HKPC (eForm Platform)

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

The HKPC (Hong Kong Productivity Council) is a public sector organization partially funded by the Hong Kong government that chose Dragonce as their eForm Platform. Before they switched platforms, they did not have enough workers to digitize over 200 forms with cross department approvals in a one year time limit on a restricted budget. It took a lot of time to amass the requirements of each of the 200 paper forms with users on a one-by-one basis.

Dragonce fulfilled HKPC’s requirements with flexible pricing and ability to run on-premise. The platform tool’s visualized user interface for forms and workflows allows users to deploy the solution more quickly than traditional programming before the Request-For-Quote process. Also, as a systematic platform, Dragonce augmented the surrounding flow of extant software systems at HKPC, such as Enterprise Resource Planning software SAP, JIRA, IPL and NAM login flow.

In the first year of use, Dragonce helped HKPC process over 50,000 applications that went through 150,000 approvals, conserve 50,000 man hours, and save up to $3 million in a year.


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