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Dragonce Customer Story: HKUST (Counseling System)

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

The HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) is a public research university in New Territories in Hong Kong that adopted Dragonce as their platform of choice for building their Counseling System. Before adopting our software, HKUST had thousands of counseling files, all in paper format, which was inefficient for management. They did not have an adequate method for gathering and analysis of data for resource planning.

With Dragonce, HKUST only needed one BA, and not a team of programmers, to build the core functions of their system, thus reducing communication loss. The no-code design of Dragonce lets users at HKUST modify any system requirements for the user interface or workflow easily, even before the system goes live, on a reduced budget.

When deployed, the entire procedure of counseling, which involves online appointments, psychological assessments and meeting notes, etc., underwent digital transformation. The counseling system rapidly acquires the most updated student details by smoothly coordinating with the student information system. With just one click, staff can effortlessly export documents and reports such as consultation reasons and summary of attendance rate.


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