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Hospital Authority Speed Up Digitalization After Staff Received No-code App Building Train

Hospital Authority is Speeding Up Digitalization After Staff Received Training in No-code App Building with DragOnce

December 2 ,2022

In November 2022, Code Free Soft was invited to organize a 3-day training course for about 70 online & offline participants daily to pick up the basics of no-code app building with DragOnce. Some participants also took part in a workshop in early December, for in-depth discussion on how to digitalize daily operations with the platform.

Shortly after the training, there were already successful cases that staff had launched applications to automate daily tasks.

With the help of DragOnce, hospitals under HA will enjoy the benefits of digital transformation in the very near future. Staff of different backgrounds can create and maintain systems for their respective departments, greatly enhancing productivity while easing the workload of HA's IT headquarter.

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